How to Send Money to the Philippines Using LumoXchange


Do you have family in the Philippines and want to send money to them on a regular basis, but are you sure you are getting the best possible exchange rate on your transfer? LumoXchange can find you the exchange rates from the leading banks in the Philippines that are 1 to 2 Pesos better than Western Union, Xoom, or Remitly! ? We make it easy – just watch how simple it can be to #SendMoreLove...

LumoXchange Sponsors International Film Festival Manhattan


Watch LumoXchange Director of Marketing & Growth Joshua Ang Price discussed how to send more love! Josh represented LumoXchange, which was a co-presenting sponsor alongside Philippine Airlines, at the International Film Festival Manhattan in October 2018. International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) 2018 was the 8th year of the event and included events at venues throughout New York City in...

LumoXchange Expands Service to the Philippines


In August 2018, LumoXchange announced expanded service to the Philippines, which is the fourth largest payment corridor from the United States. Families send money to the Philippines all the time, and make no mistake, the need is there! When the news was announced, LumoXchange’s Director of Marketing and Growth Joshua Ang Price shared his own story of being a second-generation Filipino-American...



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