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The United States is known as the Land of Opportunity, a place where people from all over the world can come to realize the “American Dream.” This optimism inspires them to leave their country of origin to work hard, achieve success, and share that success with their loved ones back home.

Part of sharing their financial success is sending money back home to pay for everyday expenses such food, tuition for school, medical bills, and other costs. The process of sending money can be extremely frustrating, expensive, and slow for a lot of families. Most money transfer companies offer unfavorable exchange rates and charge high fees, which is essentially a heavy “tax” on you sending your hard-earned money back home.

We created LumoXchange to eliminate that heavy “tax” on your remittances, so that your family can receive more local currency for your U.S. dollars. LumoXchange has an innovative and transparent platform different from every other company out there. We partner with local banks in your recipient’s country to give you the closest rate possible to their over-the-counter rate… just as if you physically walked into the bank to exchange currency in person. Because of this unique approach, you’re able to send more of your hard-earned money – and more of your love – to you family abroad.

Unlike other companies, LumoXchange doesn’t buy currency in advance and apply extra hidden fees… So how do we make money? LumoXchange charges a simple, flat processing fee ranging between 1% to 1.5%, depending on your recipient’s country. And, if the banks charge any pickup fees on your recipient’s end… well, LumoXchange will eat that cost, so that your recipient gets the exact amount they were promised. Click here to see just how much you can save.

LumoXchange gives you the power to shop for the best exchange rates, save money, and #SendMoreLove to you family. Every. Single. Time.

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