How to Send Money to the Philippines Using LumoXchange


Do you have family in the Philippines and want to #SendMoreLove to them on a regular basis, but are you sure you are getting the best possible exchange rate on your transfer? LumoXchange can find you the exchange rates from the leading banks in the Philippines that are 1 to 2 Pesos better than Western Union, Xoom, or Remitly! ? We make it easy – just watch how simple it can be!

Step 1: Search for Filipino banks to process your transfer

Work with financial institutions you know and trust. We partner with the leading banks who compete to offer you exchange rates that are as good or better than the over the counter exchange rate in the Philippines!

Step 2: Compare exchange rates

Choose a bank to process your transfer to your beneficiary. To make things simple, your beneficiary does not need to have an account with the bank that will process your transfer to receive funds into their bank account or pick up in cash.

Step 3: #SendMoreLove

Finish up your transfer quickly and easily, and we’ll handle the rest in our secure platform with no hidden fees.

Get started today!

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