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Terence Student Administration Office
  • Elijah Degree programmes with course orientation process 6 days ago 1. Please show this confirmation to the student administration when enrolling for doctoral studies.
  • Adrian Supporting documents are to be submitted at enrolment, or in the process of re-enrolment. Internationale Studierende werden von unserem International Office betreut.
Gregorio Studierendenkanzlei der Universität Bayreuth
  • Raymond This registration has to be done within 14 days after moving into the apartment.
Jake Family
  • Glen After this period the account will be deactivated.
  • Roosevelt Further rights and responsibilities of students with the exception of the obligation of a proper course of study remain unaffected, especially the obligation to re-enrol for the following semester.
Lowell FAQs regarding Corona
  • Jeffry International students must contact one of the statutory health insurance providers upon arrival in Bayreuth and sign up for an insurance policy.
  • Junior Please submit the by the start of lectures, if at all possible! Hedwig Webmaster: University of Bayreuth on social media.
Russell Information for prospective students
  • Mac Further useful information regarding the search for suitable accommodation can be found and in the.
  • Tom.
Ricky Family
  • Ethan Upload your university entrance qualification. The corresponding regulations can be found in the.
Marcus FAQs regarding Corona
  • Jay After the initial registration, which needs to be done within one week, this password has to be changed in order to access all other online systems offered by the university.
Coleman Semester fees
  • Edwardo The higher education entrance qualification must also be uploaded by 15 July 2020, 24:00 hours.
  • Erin Studierendenkanzlei der Universität Bayreuth 4 days ago +++ liebe studierende, sie erreichen uns derzeit nur per e-mail. Hier geht es zur Online-Einschreibung: Sie können uns die Unterlagen per Post einreichen.
Elmo FAQs regarding Corona
  • Vernon In cooperation with the , the International Office offers a fee-based German course with two levels prior to the semester start. But exactly what requirements will you have to fulfil for your preferred course of studies? Jetzt müssen Sie nur noch ein paar Formalitäten rund um die Bewerbung und Einschreibung beachten.
  • Earle Schreiben Sie sich jetzt dafür ein! Since 1 January 2018, students come under the direct protection of the new Maternity Protection Act MuSchG wherever the university sets a compulsory place, time and structure of a training event, or students are required to complete a compulsory set internship §§ 1 para. If you have previous knowledge in the language you want to take, you have to take part in an assessment test.