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  • Connie. Fler Patrick Losensky, better known to German gangsta rap fans as , was born on the western outskirts of Berlin.
Brenton Vermächtnis (Instrumental)
  • FerdinandThe next three years were busy ones on the recording front. A year later, his sophomore effort, , repeated that success and he shifted his lyrical focus from ideas of national identity to more benign gangster themes.
Harrison fler
  • Beau Repeatedly refuting claims that he supported right-wing radical agendas, 's debut record made Billboard's European Top 100 nevertheless. The record's title-track single drew heavy criticism for containing right-wing nationalist ideas.
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  • Jerry With no father figure in sight, Losensky experienced trouble in school, ultimately deciding to live on his own and apprentice as a painter.
  • Thad After that he switched labels from Aggro Berlin to Ersguterjunge for one album — the punningly titled Flersguterjunge — before starting his own label, Maskulin, in 2011.
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  • Harlan Pursuing hip-hop rather than criminal activity, Losensky was first heard as a guest artist on recordings in 2002, under the name. His bodyguard fended them off, and they fled.
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  • Herman Losensky's hip-hop dreams came later; he did not rap at all before the age of 20.
  • Darrin A year later, he signed to Aggro Berlin, Germany's premier gangsta rap label.
Jessica Vermächtnis (Instrumental)
  • Abraham Despite being criticized by some fans for sounding too American, it gave him his highest chart placement to date.
Trenton Vermächtnis
  • Chad A follow-up to his debut, , appeared one year later, and just missed the top of the charts. .
  • Warren. .
Jonas fler
  • Stuart.
  • Claudio. .
Chance Vermächtnis (Instrumental)
  • Chauncey. .
  • Eliseo.
Rodger Vermächtnis
  • Ignacio. .
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  • Gerardo. .
  • Herman. .