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  • Hank As mentioned before, this effectively changes the weighting of the points -- observations where y is small will be artificially overweighted. The result should look something like that in Figure 1 of the above webpage.
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  • Clifford Hi Charles, Thank you for this post. I think we calculate the time using linear interpolation and certain numerical methods.
  • Ramiro Note that fitting log y as if it is linear will emphasize small values of y, causing large deviation for large y. Gowher, The exponential regression model presupposes that this model is valid for your situation based on theory or past experience.
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  • Lane I would be glad if you kindly run these proc's on my data and send the calculation as an example to me. For example, suppose we want to model the relationship between the ages and weights of adolescent boys so we can predict their weight based on age.
  • Kirby Here is an example of fitting an exponential function to your data using non-linear regression : data test; input y x; datalines; 3.
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  • Rudy While recursive filtering had been used previously, it was applied twice and four times to coincide with the , while triple application required more than double the operations of singular convolution. The coefficient starting values and constraints are for the census data.
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  • Gregorio What is a good and easy way to make that decision without diving into the complexities of Model Selection , and how would we then proceed to actually implement it? Unlike some other smoothing methods, such as the simple moving average, this technique does not require any minimum number of observations to be made before it begins to produce results.
  • Federico If we have a data and we need to find the relation between them,we use correl to see if they have any linear relation between them. If every month of December we sell 10,000 more apartments than we do in November the seasonality is additive in nature.
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  • Winfred Thank you for adding the weight! The basic idea behind double exponential smoothing is to introduce a term to take into account the possibility of a series exhibiting some form of trend. Since these residuals have no apparent trend, the analysis is considered to be acceptable.
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  • Harold This model estimates two parameters, and ; thus, the degrees of freedom should be. You also need to supply estimated starting points for each parameter in the model.
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  • Russel It won't minimize the summed square of the residuals in linear space, but in log space.
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  • Santiago Example: Consider the set of data.
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  • Isiah There are different types of seasonality: 'multiplicative' and 'additive' in nature, much like addition and multiplication are basic operations in mathematics.
  • Jonas There is practically no curvature in your data. By default, Stat Diagnostics is turned off.
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  • Rudolph Attempting to use a quadratic model provides an equally poor fit.
  • Eldon Could make the programming for these above two models too using my data. Exponential smoothing is one of many commonly applied to smooth data in , acting as to remove high-frequency.
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  • Clinton As an instance of the class, object inherits from it a collection of generic methods see below for the full list , and completes them with details specific for this particular distribution. You can estimate , the intercept, and , the slope, in for the observations.