Du bist deutschland parodie. Du bist Deutschland

Truman Du bist Deutschland
  • Kip Artist: Track: Hackevoll durch die Nacht Video not available anymore.
  • Landon Now: Please do try this at home! Artist: Track: Fly Directed by celebrity photographer Kevin Ou, starring dancer Aye Hasagawa, Singapore's songstress Vandetta took a year off to record her music in Los Angeles.
Vaughn Wie schön du bist
  • Tory In the title track, he claims together with Malian rapper Mokobé that he prefers to stay in Côte d'Ivoire to help it progress than to risk his life on the dangerous traverse to Europe. Ever since, the former «Switzerland of West Africa» has been progressing at a surprising speed.
Robby Du bist Deutschland
  • Dave And Muslims like to listen to her as well.
Zachery Du bist Terrorist
  • Dewayne Half of the Ivorians are Christians, the other half Muslims.
Calvin Lyrik
  • Earl We love the costumes and creatures! He narrates the story with a good deal of Ivorian humor. While Ebola is raging in neighboring Liberia and helpers face resistance based on superstition, there hasn't been a single confirmed case of Ebola in Côte d'Ivoire yet.
Emily Lyrik
  • Adan A masterpiece by the ex-hip hop crew turned rave-collective Deichkind. It is one of the reasons why Amy Bamba returned to Abidjan.
  • Isaiah A mean and ugly carnival against naïve and infantile hopes for a music.
  • Wilson Volume 2 of German video clips is compiled by Holger Schulze, professor of musicology and head of the at the University of Copenhagen.
Branden Du bist Terrorist
  • Warren They recorded their most recent clip in Paris, where they spend most of their time. T with their as usual highly obsessive and bluntly sexual reading of Nabokov's Lolita in combination with breaking heteronormativity.
  • Willis Diese gebündelte Energie hat sich mittlerweile umgekehrt, denn nun bist du potenzieller Terrorist und wirst permanent überwacht. Artist: Track: Je roule kdo Tonton Zela is the zouglou newcomer of 2013.
Erick Du bist Deutschland
  • Josiah He had once created the avian flu dance grippe aviaire and is thus an expert when it comes to dealing with epidemics musically.
Tommy Five Video Clips from Germany Vol. 2
  • Lyman It combines exotic ferrofluid along with found objects craft various footage that uses the properties of ferromagnetism to it's potential, creating otherworldly macro environments that draws you into it's movements. Magic System doesn't need to hide, though.
  • Jarvis Artist: Track: Ein Affe und ein Pferd The Berlin hip hop crew K. Together with Alpha Blondy and Tiken Jah Fakoly, he's the spearhead of the huge Ivorian reggae scene, although he hadn't released an album in 14 years.
  • Fredrick An atmosphere of departure can be felt throughout the country.