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  • Julie Nuremberg have former Bayern Munich professional Markus Feulner amongst their ranks, and are rumoured to be after both Takashi Usami and a loan for Nils Petersen.
  • Arron And in the first half only Müller and Davies seemed bothered with the game.
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  • Chad So, Heynckes may rest one or two key players, but we still have to take this match very seriously because it's must-win match.
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  • Sandy But, goodness, Cuisance looks so bad.
  • Darrin It is suggested that Robben may sit on the bench in this match so that he's rested for the Champions League, whereas Schweinsteiger is building fitness which will hopefully lead to a starting role in this match, especially as he is suspended for the 2nd leg against Olympique Marseille.
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  • Donovan Die Vertragsinhaber bekommen doch 4 Spieltage mehr gratis dazu.
  • Faustino It would be normal to give some players a rest before re-match against Marseille but on the other hand, we have to win this game if we want to raise the trophy above our heads at the end of the season. Front Row: Hilpert, Leupold, Wabra, Tóth and Popp.
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  • Pamela Heynckes waived off the final training so that the players could rest, but there were two exceptions: Robben and Schweinsteiger trained with the reserves. Nürnberg is expected to be a weak team and we are lucky that we have match against Nürnberg not against Dortmund or Schalke for example between Marseille matches.
  • Mohamed I don't know if it is the best option because I think he was out of form in Marseille. Moderator Posts: 37972 Joined: Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:54 pm Location: Malta National Flag: Has thanked: times Been thanked: times Gender: Male BayernForum.
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  • Elvin Machiavellico wrote:It's the kids playing now, though.
  • Herschel Die Liga wird auf 20 aufgestockt, keiner steigt direkt ab, der letzte spielt Relegation gegen…. Spox is reporting that Schweini could be a starter.
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  • Phil. Middle Row: Merkel Coach , Ludwig Müller, Starek, Heinz Müller, Čebinac, Brungs and Körner Assistant Coach.
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  • Jessica I just can't get this transfer. .
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  • Sam.
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